witte goud

<Witte Goud> researches the transformation of identity in the history of the salt shaker from sacred object to functional vessel. This transformation process critically reflect on a series of global ecological and climate crises caused by the de-enchantment process after scientific revolution in which feeling and imaginal was denigrated

<Witte Goud> tries to combine the craft of salt shaker in West with the salt god belief in East, and re-sanctifies the salt shaker through a series of installations and rituals, thus exploring the salt pot as a sacred object to establish a connection between human and God (nature). In this process of reconstructing the sanctity, <Witte Goud> seeks to go beyond the anthropocentric view of seeing natural as inert matter awaiting human exploitation and appropriation, instead it tries to see natural material as a medium that participates in the communication between man and God (nature)