What make the space? The wall? The furniture? I start ask this question by myself during my artist residency program in Berlin.

I get the inspiration from the slip casting mould. The mould is usually composed by two parts when the two parts connect together it become one entirety when you detach the two parts you will find the invisible relationship between them due to the relative form inside the mould. This let me to experiment the distance to form the space.

I dismantled the door from the frame and set a distance between them, similarly I detached the front part and the back part of one chair and set a distance between the two part, I even collected the stone which was used to pave the road and distributed them on the floor separately……

Because of the relevancy, the distance had created an invisible space between each two part. When there were behavior happened there, this kind of space would be alive. Compare to the traditional space composed by the wall such invisible space is more like the scenery of a stage, it can provide more varieties and possibilities.