plug-in is inspired by an interesting phenomenon among Chinese carpentry : Instead of living in their own house the Chinese carpenters will live in the space where they work to save money and time. They will move from one place to another according to their project. They have a nomad life all around the country with their most needed woodworking tools.

Attracted by this phenomenon I want to make a nomad house which composed by several body-liking objects. When people put on these objects they will become the cloths, shawl, necklace, cushion and shoulder pole. People can easily use their body to carry these objects with them to start their nomad life. When people get into a space and take off these objects, they will become several furniture like carpet, byobu, light, pillow and frame. They will work together with the space as a tiny “house”.

By this project I want to break the contemporary living system. Instead of living in a big fixed house I hope people can travel around and find their own space to live in. Then the closed circle of living and working system will disappear, an linear and infinite life will appear.