Jun Zhang is mutidisciplinary artist, designer, and researcher, currently based in Amsterdam. His practice focuses on themes such as ecology future, such as decolonizing nature/culture, post-Anthropocene, indigenous sciences, future archaeology, etc.

Jun’s artistic practice often starts from a fascination with an alien landscape or space (for example extraordinary geological heritage or abandoned industrial relics).Through field research and material experimenting, Jun searches to fathom and grasp these sites’ mysterious internal energy which he then metabolises and conveys through his artistic language – be it fiction, material object, or performance. Through his work, Jun seeks to evoke scenarios that invite critical reflection on the relation between human cultures, spiritual worlds, and natural environments. His investigations lead him from site-specific aspects (such as historical contexts, ancient technologies and crafts), over folklore and mythology to belief, witchcraft, and protoscience.

Therewith, Jun’s practice focuses both on nature/social sciences (such as climatology, geology, archeology) and occults sciences (such as astrology, alchemy, witchcraft). Through the integration of nature/social sciences and occults sciences, his works try to explore a healing and ecological future in which human culture is deeply entangled with geo-energy and planetary metabolism.

methodology diagram