1.2km gravitational field

In recent years there occurred many void abandoned houses in shanghai during the old town renovation process. Because of many complicated situation and policies the dismantlement was suddenly stopped in these kinds of houses. These houses would keep this semi-dismantled situation for a very long time until some new policies came out.

I decided to utilize this phenomenon and space to create my new work. So I climbed into one of these abandoned houses, I collected materials in the ruins of this house, and designed a surrealism “bed” between window and roof.
The light and screen from the skyscrapers along the huangpu river became my natural television, the bell ringed every half hour from the nearby church became my clock……

through this work I want to dissolve the traditional boundary of a house and make the whole city become the indoor facilities make a closer relationship between private life and the outside environment.I want to let this work become the intermediary which connect the traditional and the future lifestyle, show more possibilities of future life.